Often asked: What Is Louisiana Cosmetology State Rules For Brow Waxing?

Do you need a license to wax in Louisiana?

In the state of Louisiana, only Licensed Estheticians or Licensed Cosmetologists are licensed to perform waxing services.

What can an esthetician do in Louisiana?

With the ability to perform laser hair removal, makeup application, facials, and many more beauty-related services, esthetician’s have several delightful job options to choose from. A trained Louisiana esthetician can contribute her talents to a day spa, beauty salon, skin care clinic, or eye brow and threading salon.

Can you do nails without a license in Louisiana?

If you have never held a license to practice as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or manicurist, you must meet the following requirements and apply for a license: Cosmetologist: 1500 hours in an approved cosmetology school cosmetologist curriculum.

Can estheticians open in Louisiana?

TO: ALL COSMETOLOGY, MANICURE, ESTHETICIAN SALONS Louisiana does not currently meet the White House criteria for entering Phase One of reopening.

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How many cosmetology hours do you need in Louisiana?

Meet Educational Requirements. The educational requirement for an applicant for cosmetology licensure in Louisiana is completing 1500 hours in a Board-approved cosmetology school.

How much is esthetician school in Louisiana?

Louisiana Campuses (Alexandria, Houma, Lafayette & Metairie)


Can estheticians do Microneedling in Louisiana?

NOTE: Microblading, microneedling, and any form of permanent makeup are NOT allowed in any salon that is licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology. These practices do not fall under the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology and CANNOT be performed in any Board of Cosmetology salon.

Do estheticians make good money?

As an entrepreneur, esthetician’s income is not capped at a specific number. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a national average yearly salary of a skincare specialist is $30,000. The income ranges from around $18,000 per year for a starting salary to $60,000 per year for top 10%.

Do you have to have a cosmetology license to do lashes in Louisiana?

Each state will be different for what they may require to do eyelash extensions. In most states a license is required to do eyelash extensions. Do I Need A License to do Eyelash Extensions?

STATE Louisiana
LICENSE TYPE REQUIRED Cosmetologist or Esthetician
PHONE 866-257-7901
EMAIL [email protected] la.gov
WEBSITE http://www.lsbc. louisiana.gov


How long is nail tech school in Louisiana?

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Louisiana. Since nail technician licensing only requires 500 hours of training in Louisiana, you may be able to start your career faster than you think.

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How much do nail techs make in Louisiana?

The average salary for a nail technician in Louisiana is around $20,290 per year.

Can you work under someone else’s cosmetology license?

The licensed person providing the supervision must have a license equivalent to or higher than the unlicensed person. Example: An applicant waiting for his/her nail registration could work under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist, registered full specialist, or registered nail technician.

Who is the governor for Louisiana?

John Bel Edwards is the 56th Governor of Louisiana. Louisiana produces more than 850 million pounds of seafood each year. 53.2 million domestic and international visitors came to Louisiana in 2019.

How do I start a beauty school in Louisiana?

To open a cosmetology school in Louisiana, submit the following information to the state Board of Cosmetology:

  1. Notification of intent to open, including business plan and financial statements (must be approved before moving forward)
  2. Detailed floor plan, drawn to scale.
  3. $100 school premises inspection fee.

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