Question: How To Renew A Cosmetology License In Louisiana?

How much does it cost to renew your cosmetology license in Louisiana?

Cosmetology licenses in Louisiana must be renewed every year by the licensee’s birthday. It costs $25 to renew an in-state license, or $50 for an out-of-state renewal.

How long do you have to renew your cosmetology license after it expires in Mass?

But after that, cosmetology licenses in Massachusetts must be renewed every two years in by the licensee’s birthday. No continuing education hours are required to renew your license in Massachusetts, but cosmetology CEUs are always recommended to stay current in the industry. The cost to renew is $68.

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How do I find my cosmetology license number Louisiana?

You can reach the office by calling the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology phone number 866-257-7901 or 225-756-3404. Their fax number is 225-756-3410. You can acccess the Louisiana state board online by going to www.lsbc.

Can you do nails without a license in Louisiana?

If you have never held a license to practice as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or manicurist, you must meet the following requirements and apply for a license: Cosmetologist: 1500 hours in an approved cosmetology school cosmetologist curriculum.

Can I renew my Louisiana cosmetology license online?

Louisiana Board of Cosmetology. Take a look at the 5 step renewal process for online renewals. Click here to Login. Every person and business that has a license in the LSBC system has been given a L-Number for Online Renewals.

How many cosmetology hours do you need in Louisiana?

Meet Educational Requirements. The educational requirement for an applicant for cosmetology licensure in Louisiana is completing 1500 hours in a Board-approved cosmetology school.

Can I renew my cosmetology license after it expires in Massachusetts?

My License is Expired. 1) License has been expired for less than 2 years: you can use your renewal form to renew by mail or set up your online account to renew online. You will have to pay a late fee of $57 in addition to your renewal fee.

What state requires the most hours for Cosmetology?

States With Licenses

Burden Rank State Education
1 Massachusetts 1000 clock hours
2 Kentucky 1800 clock hours
3 South Dakota 2100 clock hours
4 Nebraska 2100 clock hours


Can I renew my cosmetology license after expiration date in NY?

A cosmetology license is good for four years. Your license expiration date is printed on the license. You are eligible to renew your license three months prior to the expiration date, all renewals must be done online.

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Do you have to have a cosmetology license to do lashes in Louisiana?

Each state will be different for what they may require to do eyelash extensions. In most states a license is required to do eyelash extensions. Do I Need A License to do Eyelash Extensions?

STATE Louisiana
LICENSE TYPE REQUIRED Cosmetologist or Esthetician
PHONE 866-257-7901
EMAIL [email protected]
WEBSITE http://www.lsbc.


Do you need a license to braid hair in Louisiana?

Today, Louisiana’s specialty hair braiding license requirement is the strictest in the country, although some states require full cosmetology licenses, which means more hours and higher tuition. By comparison, Mississippi only requires a $25 fee and completed application.

How do I start a cosmetology school in Louisiana?

To open a cosmetology school in Louisiana, submit the following information to the state Board of Cosmetology:

  1. Notification of intent to open, including business plan and financial statements (must be approved before moving forward)
  2. Detailed floor plan, drawn to scale.
  3. $100 school premises inspection fee.

How long is nail tech school in Louisiana?

Education Requirements to Get a Nail Tech License in Louisiana. Since nail technician licensing only requires 500 hours of training in Louisiana, you may be able to start your career faster than you think.

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Louisiana?

To become a qualified nail technician in Louisiana, your first step towards licensure is the right training program. After you complete a minimum 500 hours of training, you can proceed towards initial licensure.

How much do nail techs make in Louisiana?

The average salary for a nail technician in Louisiana is around $20,290 per year.

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