Quick Answer: How Many Hours Do You Need For Cosmetology License In Missippi?

How long does it take to get a cosmetology license in Mississippi?

Complete 1500 hours of training in a Board -approved cosmetologist training program that is at least nine months long (a list is found here) Pass the necessary examinations.

How do I get my cosmetology license in Mississippi?

Esthetician License Requirements and Training Schools in

  1. Graduate from a 600-Hour Esthetics Training Program.
  2. Submit an Exam Approval Form.
  3. Pass Practical and Written Licensing Exams.
  4. Start your Career as an Esthetician in Mississippi.
  5. Develop your Skills and Achieve Advanced Credentials.

How much is cosmetology license in Mississippi?

A master cosmetologist needs 16 hours of continuing education to get the master license, and renewing this license every 2 years requires the completion of 8 continuing education hours. Electrologists require 30 continuing education hours. A regular license costs $50 to renew and a master license costs $70 to renew.

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Which of the following is the average amount of hours required to complete a cosmetology program?

A full cosmetology program is the most comprehensive and require the most hours. The national average is between 1,400 to 1,600 hours.

Do you need a license to shampoo hair in Mississippi?

Those without a license could be allowed to dry, straighten, curl and hair as well as apply eyelash extensions. The state of Mississippi currently requires 1,500 hours of cosmetology school in order to earn a license. Areas of cosmetology school include hair, skin, and nails.

Do you have to be licensed to do lashes in Mississippi?

Eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions and makeup may be performed by a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician in a licensed Salon. NOTE: It is a violation to practice without a license. Anyone found to be doing so will be subject to disciplinary action.

How do I get a reciprocity in Mississippi?

Applying for a reciprocal license You must first apply for reciprocity in Mississippi. This can be done by requesting a Reciprocity Application Form from www.PearsonVue.com.

Do you need a license to be a makeup artist in Mississippi?

Mississippi does not have a makeup artist license process. But, if you want to work as a practitioner here, you can either earn your cosmetology or esthetician’s license. If you just want to focus on a makeup career, you should check out esthetician programs first.

How do I verify a cosmetology license in Mississippi?

If you need to verify a license for a salon or person, then you can call the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology at 601-359-1820 and requesting to see if their license is valid and if there are any disciplinary actions on record. The phone number is listed at the bottom of this page.

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What is a cosmetology practitioner?

Cosmetologists are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails.

Does cosmetology include hair?

What is Cosmetology? Cosmetology is the art and science beautifying the hair, nails, and skin. Specific disciplines in cosmetology include hairstyling (haircutting and coloring), esthetics (skin care), makeup application, nail care (manicures and pedicures), and other beauty treatments.

What is the highest paying cosmetology job?

Highest Paying Career Options in Cosmetology

Job Title Median Salary
Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artist $64,250 (2018)*
Skincare Specialist $31,290 (2018)*
Beauty Copywriter $51,221 (copywriters, 2020)**
Corporate Trainer $55,479 (2020)**

What is the average salary of a hair stylist?

The average salary for a hair stylist is $61,050 per year in Sydney NSW.

What is the highest beauty qualification?

A CIDESCO diploma is the highest qualification in the beauty and spa industry and is the only fully international qualification that is recognised by employers.

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